Hurricane Hole

Nominated for the EPICon Award of Excellence-2015.

Marooned in Baja, Mexico, a Chechen arms dealer is waiting for the right diver to retrieve the deadly cargo lying at the bottom of the Sea of Cortez. But when Leila Hunter Standiford, on hiatus from her TV contract admires the handsome captain aboard a beautiful vintage Alden, she doesn't realize the boat will soon burn to the water line, or that a dead body will be found below, or that the captain has been targeted as the sacrificial diver, or that meeting the captain will forever change her life.


Puerto Felice, Baja California, Mexico

On a high desert hilltop a squat gargoyle in a pink polo shirt trains a pair of binoculars on a white sailboat slowly moving into the anchorage.

The dark haired woman sitting in his shadow leans forward and snaps, "Werner! Is it, or is it not, him?"

He grunts, and silently hands the binoculars down to her.

She hastily readjusts the lenses for her smaller eye spacing then focuses to where the man points. Satisfied, she lowers the glasses onto her lap.

"He's here," she says, exhaling the breath she'd been holding onto for so terribly long.

Werner nods to no one in particular.