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Review: “Night Game” by Carol Davis Luce, $.99 Kindle

[subscribe2]Night Game by Carol Davis Luce: Kindle e-book $.99



I don’t read suspense very often and there’s a reason for that… if done right, I’m up late, biting my nails, turning pages, unable to sleep until I get to the end. Night Game is that kind of book and Carol Davis Luce has a winner with both wonderful characters and a slimy bad guy whose quirks are a house of horrors all his own.  This is a very satisfying read. Full of interesting, behind the scenes facts and stories of the Nevada gambling scene that only… Continue reading

Review: A Place of Forgetting: Kindle $.99 e-book

[subscribe2]A Place of Forgetting: by Carolyn J. Rose

Kindle $.99.




This novel could be classified as Young Adult in that the protagonist is just nineteen, but it’s meaty enough to be also literary women’s fiction, since most of us women have been nineteen and I certainly remember the 1960’s as a teenager.


Nothing seems to be going right for Elizabeth as disappointments pile up one on top of the other; her dog dies, the young man she’s loved all her life boards his flight to Vietnam where he becomes one of many MIA’s,  and… Continue reading

Christmas 24 hour e-Book giveaway

[subscribe2]I’m introducing my newest romantic sailing mystery  “A Dangerous Harbor” with a limited e-book give-away

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Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History

[subscribe2]I got to thinking why I so very much like reading and writing about strong women. To be honest with you, I think it’s because I’ve spent most of my life as a wimp, doing as I was told, minding my manners, saying all the right, and expected, things,  until one day
I realized being miss-goody-two-shoes was getting me exactly nowhere. Since then, I’ve been called disrespectful, annoyingly forward, and my favorite—uppity.  To make up for lost time, I now suit up as Lalla Bains, born again bachelorette, ex-NY Model, crop-duster, sometime amateur sleuth.   I might… Continue reading