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FREE “A Dead Red Heart” by RP Dahlke


#2 in this popular humorous mystery series featuring

Aero Ag pilot Lalla Bains

$3.99FREE on US Kindle

 FREE in Canada


Sept 1-5, 2018

409 reviews with a 4.2 rating


What would you do if the love of your life lost their chance for a heart transplant because the donor organ went to a convicted felon? Grieve and let go? Or wait for your chance at justice and revenge?

A homeless, troubled vet wraps Lalla Bains’s vintage Cadillac with paper snowflakes. But a… Continue reading

BIG humorous mystery Boxed Set

Start Date: 05-01-2018End Date: 07-24-2018

From one of my favorite humorous mystery writers, Amy Vansant comes a whole passel of fun books, hers included. What a great way to discover new reads, right? 

Summer Snoops and Cozy Crimes: 12 Mysteries for the Dog Days of Summer

By Multiple Authors

Usual Price: 7.99+ Sale: .99

Have a howlingly good read during the dog days of summer with 12 cozy mysteries from Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon best-selling authors. Recipes included! Profits go to no-kill shelters!

New Cozy Release for 99Cents

Start Date: 07-20-2018End Date: 10-01-2018

Note: I only promote books I have read and can honestly recommend and this one is really fun. And it’s a new release And it’s only 99cents!

Finders, Not Keepers

By Dena Haggerty

Usual Price: New Release Sale: .99

What do you do with a diamond no one wants? You can’t keep it. Or can you? Join Terri on her quest to find a home for the diamond, which may result in the unveiling of a murderer – if she survives long enough.

Write What you know? Oh-boy!

The above photo is of my dad and his first crop-duster, a WWII trainer Stearman, and now total antique. It’s what inspired me to write my DEAD RED MYSTERY series. After all, it was just odd enough for an amateur sleuth like my protagonist, that I thought, “Why not?”

I was a thirty-four year old single working mom of two living on the ranch my dad bought as an almond ranch/crop-dusting business. Other than the noisy airplanes that woke me up every summer morning for most of my life I had no concept on what really went on with… Continue reading

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