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A Dead Red Oleander – Review


“Janet Evanovich meets aero-ag pilots.” The Kindle Book Review
“I’m so happy that Lalla Bains is back! This is was my favorite book of the three and it’s all there: crime, mystery, suspense and great characters! I really liked the glimpses into Lalla’s thoughts as she goes back and forth with new theories. Her dad completely lost in a house full of women as Lalla’s great-aunt and her cousin (Pearlie) come from Texas for her wedding is hilarious. I Matos, Amazon review

“This author is an exceptional talent bringing her characters to life–you feel like you’ve met them before! My only regret–I am finished reading and have to wait who knows how long for my next “fix” from this author! Read it and enjoy!” Tech Teacher, Amazon Review

“I love these books. If you don’t know the `Dead Red’ series starring Lalla Bains, then you are in for a great treat. In this third book of the series, A DEAD RED OLEANDER, Lalla is preparing to take her 3rd leap into matrimony, this time with Sheriff Caleb Stone. But for any of you lucky enough to know Lalla, you know nothing is ever simple. Her gun toting great aunt Eula Mae and her late in life granddaughter Pearlie show up for the wedding just in time to help Lalla – who has broken her pledge to swear off amateur sleuthing – try to solve the murder of Dewey Treat, the new pilot she just hired for her crop-dusting business. With a name like that, no one is surprised that he turns out to be not quite as represented. The senior pilot with a name issue of his own – he goes by Mad Dog – was the first to suspect there was something hinky about Dewey, but he’s no help because Pearlie has his him in her sights. Mad Dog seems to prefer Dewey’s widow, Nancy, which gets Pearlie’s competitive juices flowing. Pearlie ultimately proves to be a resourceful sidekick in the final chase scene – not cars, a Cessna pursuing a Piper. Throw in Lalla’s dad who takes his pet goat for walks after supper and a bowling ball as a weapon and you get a hint of how zany and hilarious this series is. Think of a cross between Erma Bombeck and Janet Evanovich. If you enjoy a convoluted plot that actually makes sense and like to laugh while following it, you will love this book.” J.M. Orenduff, The Pot Thief series