A DEAD RED GAMBLE is on now on Pre-sale


The long awaited #6 in the DEAD RED MYSTERY series,  A DEAD RED GAMBLE

Buy it NOW on Amazon Kindle for only 99cents.

You’ll get the book Jan 7, 2019 publish date. 

Newly minted P.I. duo, Lalla and Pearlie Bains, are thrilled at the prospect of signing well-connected Judge Borrega as a client.

But then a stranger persuades her dad’s two foster boys to release a cage of chickens in the county courthouse and the distraction is used to cover a murder.

Now Lalla and Pearlie are in a race to catch a killer before the killer decides that these two boys will have to be silenced…permanently.

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Jeanie Whitmire Jackson

Thanks for the heads up. I have been looking forward to it for some time!

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