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A Dead Red Cadillac - #1 in the Dead Red Mystery Series

Chapter One:
"Can you hear me, Miss Bains?"
"Yeah, I can hear you." I was lying on the ground, my shoulder hurt like hell, and when I tried to get up, my leg buckled under from the pain. I looked up at my Ag-Cat, its fat nose cone planted deep into a row of tomatoes like some giant burrowing beast.
I groaned at the conflicting emotions—I didn't make it as far as that restricted airstrip I was hoping to land on, I'm alive, but when my dad sees this he's going to kill me.
Then I passed out.


A Dead Red Heart - #2 in the Dead Red Mystery Series

Chapter One:

"Billy Wayne? Wake up! Come on now," I said in disgust. "This is getting out of hand. You've got to stop this nonsense."

I like having a man at my feet. Tough guys who grovel are my favorite, though I'm not averse to a little toe kissing when appropriate. I leave the toe kissing for those uneven date nights when my sweetie, Sheriff Caleb Stone, is not on duty and I'm not neck deep in summertime work as a crop duster. None of which had anything to do with the man presently draped across my feet. Dead drunk, I figured, looking down at the patriotic red, white, and blue ribbons binding his ponytail. I was too late for that heart-to-heart I'd come for—he was already out cold.

Caleb warned Billy that his continued attentions towards me would be ill advised and considered harassment—his words, not mine. Caleb's belief that a fellow Marine should always be able to pull himself out of the fire didn't take into consideration that Billy's alcohol-doctored post-traumatic stress disorder was not conducive to any such persuasion.


A Dead Red Oleander - #3 in the Dead Red Mystery Series

Chapter One:  The world is flat. I know it is, because for the last five hours the view has been exactly the same. Only the sun has done any traveling, working its long shadows through straight lines of harvested cotton. A few crows shop the furrowed rows for worms, weevils and grasshoppers. One hops over to inspect the truck I’m lying under, cocks a beady black eye, probably attracted to the shiny metal police-issued handcuffs, my hand in one of the cuffs, dangling from wrist to arm, and finally down to me, Lalla Bains, aero-ag pilot, sometime busybody, meddling where I shouldn’t—again. I’m dirt smeared and sweaty, thinking if I get out of this alive, if the killer doesn’t return to finish me off, I’ll foreswear all future sleuthing. My dad, Caleb my fiancé, my best friend Roxanne, and half of Stanislaus County will be pleased to bear witness to that promise.   I will, this time. Really, I will.

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A Dangerous Harbor
#1 in this Romantic Sailing Mystery Trilogy

Chapter One:

Except for the mermaid on a weedy patch of sea grass ghosting in her wake, Katrina Hunter's solo sail into Mexican waters had been monotonous and uneventful. And now her thirty-two-foot Westsail was on a leisurely stroll with only the current and the thrum of the auxiliary engine for companionship—except, that is, for the mermaid.

Katrina rubbed at gritty eyes, the result of too little sleep and too many hours at Pilgrim's helm. "Sure it is. Last night it was Mickey Mouse reciting Robert Frost on top of a following wave, so why not mermaids?"

Shivery, bleary-eyed and slow, she blew at cold, stiff hands, then reached over and tapped at her handheld GPS. Arrival to her destination at the port of Ensenada in forty-five minutes, it said.


Hurricane Hole
#2 in this Romantic Sailing Mystery Trilogy

Chapter One:

Weather Forecast for the Baja and the West Coast of the Mainland Mexico, Wednesday, October 30th

"Yes, folks, it's still hurricane season, the last day of the official Pacific Hurricane Season in fact, and a Hurricane Watch has been issued this morning by the Mexican Government for the Gold Coast area from Manzanillo to Puerto Vallarta. Tropical Storm Ursula has now been energized by warmer waters above the ITZ and she is expected to be generating sustained winds of 75-85 miles per hour within the next 12 hours. She is forecasted to build to a Category 3 or 4 hurricane within 36 hours. Six to 12 inches of rainfall are expected over portions of the central part of this region.