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Review of Maui Widow Waltz by JoAnne Bassett


Maui Widow Waltz: by JoAnne Bassett


Kindle $2.99 Link:


The opening line of this witty, humorous mystery by JoAnne Bassett was a great line and right up my alley:  “People marry for two reasons: love or money.”


And it gets better from there. Pali Moon has problems enough as a struggling wedding planner. Her company “Let’s Get Maui’d,” is about to lose its location, she’s about to get evicted from her house and naturally it’s been raining for weeks, and there’s no business to be had. She’s broke!

Enter Lisa Marie who is hell-bent… Continue reading

Review: The Desert Waits by J. Carson Black: $.99 Kindle

[subscribe2]The Desert Waits by J. Carson Black

Kindle e-book: $.99



“A breeze had sprung up, worrying the edges of the Jeep’s windows. A crow, its rusty voice harsh in the stillness, rowed to a nearby fencepost and folded its wings.” Excerpt

Tucson Arizona naturalist photographer, Alex Carifarelli, is called to the aid of a childhood friend. Someone she hasn’t seen in years, but then, Caroline Arnet’s life is a luminous star with a life that revolves around a glamorous Hollywood life, and these two grown women now have little in common. Except, that Caroline has incredible secrets.… Continue reading

Review: “Night Game” by Carol Davis Luce, $.99 Kindle

[subscribe2]Night Game by Carol Davis Luce: Kindle e-book $.99



I don’t read suspense very often and there’s a reason for that… if done right, I’m up late, biting my nails, turning pages, unable to sleep until I get to the end. Night Game is that kind of book and Carol Davis Luce has a winner with both wonderful characters and a slimy bad guy whose quirks are a house of horrors all his own.  This is a very satisfying read. Full of interesting, behind the scenes facts and stories of the Nevada gambling scene that only… Continue reading

Review: A Place of Forgetting: Kindle $.99 e-book

[subscribe2]A Place of Forgetting: by Carolyn J. Rose

Kindle $.99.




This novel could be classified as Young Adult in that the protagonist is just nineteen, but it’s meaty enough to be also literary women’s fiction, since most of us women have been nineteen and I certainly remember the 1960’s as a teenager.


Nothing seems to be going right for Elizabeth as disappointments pile up one on top of the other; her dog dies, the young man she’s loved all her life boards his flight to Vietnam where he becomes one of many MIA’s,  and… Continue reading