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no wheat, sugar, dairy granola

[subscribe2]I love this recipe because it’s wheat, sugar & dairy free. I don’t sneeze, cough, or (blush) get diarrhea from eating it. So, it’s only fair that I share, right?

Perfect Granola no wheat no sugar! This recipe will fill up your family for hours! Can be served with Almond Breeze (this is the best milk substitute/no soy either).

Mix together
in large bowl:

8 cups
rolled oats

1 cup rice

1 to 2 cups
chopped nuts and seeds

1 cup
natural coconut

2 tsp.

In medium bowl, mix the following until smooth:

1 cup honey

1 cup… Continue reading

My open letter to Dr. Phil

[subscribe2]Dear Dr. Phil,

I was looking forward to viewing the show about Grandparent Rights as I too have gone to court to try to gain some kind of visitation with my grandchildren.

I was, however, very disappointed to see that your show was more Jerry Springer than  Dr. Phil, complete with battling contestants in a struggle that had less to do with grand-parenting than it had to do with grandstanding.

I lost my son in a crop-dusting accident when he was forty. He was a good man and I saw that I wasn’t the only one who thought… Continue reading