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Review: Dead Wood by Dani Amore: Another Terrific $2.99 at Kindle

[subscribe2]Dead Wood by Dani Amore: Kindle e-book $2.99


The dead wood of this book refers to both old wood salvaging from Michigan’s Lake St. Clair and the incredibly gifted guitars made of them by Jesse Barre, the young, talented, beautiful and recently murdered daughter of an elderly retired country western crooner/songwriter who is asking John Rockne, P.I. for help finding her killer.

The author gives us a wonderfully complex character in John Rockne, a P.I. who is not, as his wife says, Russell Crowe. He’s saddled with a sister who is the Grosse Pointe’s Chief of Police and… Continue reading

Short Story Anthology by Earl Staggs


Short Stories of Earl Staggs: Kindle $.99



Told with wit, pathos and, lucky us, even some humor. Derringer Award winner, Earl Staggs has published numerous short stories over the years in a variety of magazines, and this is an anthology of his best crime stories.


In my mind the best authors are those who can whittle a story down to a few pages, giving us just enough background and setting so we know what’s about to happen. Then, our hearts are pounding along with the protagonist, mostly the underappreciated good cop as in “Battered”, and “Brother-In-Law”… Continue reading

Review: Just Add Deserts by Jinx Schwartz: $.99 Kindle

[subscribe2]Needing some ready cash to get her beloved boat bottom fixed, Hetta takes a new job at a copper mine close to the Arizona border in Cananea,Mexico.  In Hetta’s words, “And, presto change, I was off on another adventure, and this time with a regular old, probably boring job where I couldn’t get into any trouble. I heard wings flapping and a pig flew by.”

If you’ve read her other Hetta Coffey books you too can laugh at the pig as he flies by because you know Hetta will soon be neck deep in trouble.  Sure enough, Mexican… Continue reading

Review of Maui Widow Waltz by JoAnne Bassett


Maui Widow Waltz: by JoAnne Bassett


Kindle $2.99 Link: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dbeauty&field-keywords=Maui+Widow+Waltz&x=14&y=10


The opening line of this witty, humorous mystery by JoAnne Bassett was a great line and right up my alley:  “People marry for two reasons: love or money.”


And it gets better from there. Pali Moon has problems enough as a struggling wedding planner. Her company “Let’s Get Maui’d,” is about to lose its location, she’s about to get evicted from her house and naturally it’s been raining for weeks, and there’s no business to be had. She’s broke!

Enter Lisa Marie who is hell-bent… Continue reading

Review: The Desert Waits by J. Carson Black: $.99 Kindle

[subscribe2]The Desert Waits by J. Carson Black

Kindle e-book: $.99

Link: http://www.amazon.com/The-Desert-Waits-ebook/dp/B005JEDRE8/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1325686825&sr=1-1


“A breeze had sprung up, worrying the edges of the Jeep’s windows. A crow, its rusty voice harsh in the stillness, rowed to a nearby fencepost and folded its wings.” Excerpt

Tucson Arizona naturalist photographer, Alex Carifarelli, is called to the aid of a childhood friend. Someone she hasn’t seen in years, but then, Caroline Arnet’s life is a luminous star with a life that revolves around a glamorous Hollywood life, and these two grown women now have little in common. Except, that Caroline has incredible secrets.… Continue reading