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Humor mystery, Hawaiian sleuth, and only $2.99 on Kindle

“Livin’ Lahaina Loca” by JoAnn Bassett:

Another priced right e-book for only $2.99 on Amazon/Kindle: http://amzn.to/I8l23l

I first met Pali Moon and her pals in “Maui Widow Waltz,” and liked it so much I eagerly agreed when this second in the series was offered to me for a read for review. Even the author’s clever covers make me laugh! (Hint: Every book title is a take-off of song titles and they all relate to Hawaii.)

This time, Pali has lost her business lease at her old location above a local market due to a fire (Maui Widow Waltz) and… Continue reading

“Cold Comfort” by Ellis Vidler, A great $2.99 Kindle buy

[subscribe2]”Cold Comfort” by Ellis Vidler

Amazon Link to Kindle Version: http://www.amazon.com/Cold-Comfort-ebook/dp/B006HYGXGI/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1334413811&sr=1-1

Kindle: $2.99


With her charming Christmas shop, Claire appears to live an idyllic life in quaint Williamsburg. And since it’s the Christmas season she has every reason to be happy, business is great, she has her good friend Mary as helper and the shop is full every day. But then Claire is viscously attacked outside her home and strangers appear to be following her. Confused and frightened, suddenly everything Claire thought she knew about her life changes.

Enter Ben Riley, a “Security Expert” with a secretive military past.… Continue reading

Two new reviews: A Hard Boiled and A Senior Sleuth mystery

A Village Shattered by Jean Henry Mead

e-book on Amazon: $2.99

Print available on Amazon

A deranged killer is stalking the retirement center, murdering perfectly innocent ladies of the So and Sew club. First one, then another and another, and the local elected sheriff doesn’t seem to be able to do anything to capture the killer. Enter Dana and her friend Sarah. As part of the club and community, they see no other way than to join forces to uncover the killer.

Although this author writes a senior sleuth mystery series, this book is not a cozy with one death… Continue reading

Lordy, Lordy, Looks who’s forty!


$2.99 Kindle


“Lordy, lordy, Lalla Bains is turning forty. What a character for a series! Lalla is a former New York high fashion model, now crop dusting pilot, and on her way to being a serial divorcee because her choice in men stinks, resulting in two bad marriages. And did I mention she’s turning forty? Just the thought has her on the verge of depression. If that description sounds far-fetched, R.P. Dahlke makes it work in the best possible way. We meet Lalla with a cast on her leg after a plane crash. She’s hobbling and a little… Continue reading

Sexy new read! “Hooked” by Polly Iyer

Hooked by Polly Iyer

Amazon: $2.99


Hooked is the perfect title for this latest in author Polly Iyer’s romantic suspense novels. Every character in this book has a duality of purpose born of inclination and sometimes greed. And this is the authors challenge, asking the reader to understand, and maybe empathize, with people whose behavior is frequently on the other side of the law.

Benny Cooper, late of wall-street fame and married father of two, has the perfect job; hooked on the glamour of sex, he rents out apartments to beautiful young women, accepts a simple fee for the… Continue reading