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Deal, Steals and some fun swag to win

10 mysteries by 10 popular mystery writers for only 99centsbook cover


AND I’ve been traveling and picked up some fun stuff from Colorado. Here’s your chance to win! 

Contest starts July 29th and ends August 4th

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41 comments on “Deal, Steals and some fun swag to win

  1. Sheri Ziemann on said:

    The link doesn’t work. Any other ways of getting to the ‘business end’ of this deal?

    BTW, I LOVE the Dead Red series & recommend them to EVERYONE!

  2. Becky Smith on said:

    Can’t get the link to work. If these books are anything like the Dead Red series, I’m hooked!

  3. Thanks for letting me know about the link. Shortened links do NOT work on my blog.

    The link is:

    • Michele Wecker on said:

      Wont let me comment on the blog, but it did let me hit ‘I commented’ button! So sorry–I wanted to comment. I am following your link to Amazon. I just love a good mystery–these sound great! Thanks, Michele Wecker

  4. Pam Parks on said:

    Just picked up two boxed sets. Can’t wait to start reading tonight!!

  5. Wanda Cocke on said:

    Just purchased Sleuthing Women Mysteries. Can’t wait for the next book in the Dead Red series, love them.

  6. Beverlee Smith on said:

    Love the Dead Red stories!

  7. SUSAN FAATZ on said:


  8. Donna Wandro on said:

    Worked for me. I love your books.

  9. Carol Hays on said:

    Love your books! Would love to see more excerpts from upcoming books.

  10. Beverly Laude on said:

    Love these books & would love to win!

  11. Dottie Bonner on said:

    Would absolutely LOVE to win! Thanks for the opportunity to try!!!!! Your books are the greatest!

  12. Stephanie H. on said:

    I also love to win signed books, gift cards, coffee, candy, and mugs.

  13. ANN DAWSON on said:

    just love these books….. more please

  14. Dianne Casey on said:

    I like to see book and swag giveaways.

  15. tom walsh on said:

    I don’t remember whether it was the Dead Red Oleander or Big Red Cadillac but I was hooked on Ms Dahlke from thr first. Many thanks for supplying books worth reading and an enjoyable way to relax. your books are a pleasure to read.

  16. Love your books! I love box sets.

  17. Andrea Stoeckel on said:

    Love box sets. Love books. Love swag….this is fun!

  18. Brenda Shermer on said:

    So looking forward to reading all your books. Thanks for the chance to win.

  19. Robyn K on said:

    I love books, gift cards, mugs, magnets. Thank you for this chance!

  20. marlene on said:

    anything and everything

  21. Donna LaValley on said:

    I love books and gift cards.

  22. Love contests for books and gift cards (to buy books with) but also author swag, where the author has obviously out time and effort into creating merchandise for their fans!

  23. Sharon Guagliardo on said:

    I love winning stuff. Anything at all is fine with me. I love swag, books, bookmarks. Anything.

  24. shannon on said:

    i love coffee mugs and books and stuff animals

  25. Diana Fahrenbruck on said:

    Love books and swag, thanks!!

  26. Margaret Appel on said:

    I love winning swag stuff! I’d love to see more bookmarks (the kind with the cute fake author’s book), magnets, and paperbacks.

  27. Desiree on said:

    I love gift cards, signed books and swag! Thanks for the chance! ????

  28. Mary Preston on said:

    I love travel pictures.

  29. Rebecca Booth on said:

    I love hearing from authors telling me about their books! The gifts of books, sways, bookmarks are appreciated!

  30. Janet M. on said:

    What a great way to find out about new (to me) authors! Thanks!!!

  31. Sabina Edwards on said:

    Myself personally I prefer to hear books… LOL audio books that is!!!!

  32. Lesa Neace on said:

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. Christina Riggs on said:

    Books, gift cards, jewelry, candles, keychains, mugs, sweaters.

  34. Jodi Hunter on said:

    I love gift cards!

  35. Books or Gift cards

  36. Linda Herold on said:

    I love winning autographed books!!!

  37. Judy Johnson on said:

    😀 Love the Dead Red books. Thanks for the chance to win!

    • Judy Johnson on said:

      forgot to mention, love all kinds of prizes, especially gift cards to buy more books!

  38. Merrie Weiler on said:

    Such a cool opportunity!

  39. Crystal Blackburn on said:

    Of course, I love gift cards. I also enjoy bookmarks, mugs and reusable bottles.