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Your invitation for MORE Deals and Steals


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99cent DEAL

If you won, or didn’t win at Women Sleuth Giveaway, here’s your chance to win or get books at a substantial discount with RP Dahlke’s infrequent monthly, or every other month newsletter. 

The boxed set on the left is an example of what I will be offering…and yes, I’m in this one.

All of the books, and prizes (T-Shirts, coffee mugs, etc.), are from highly reviewed authors with books in a series.

All books will be FREE or deeply discounted and there will be fun prizes as well.


*NOTE: The newsletter is not daily or even weekly. They are every month, or two, and only when I have DEALS and STEALS that you like to hear about.

If you sign up for the newsletter and don’t want another one, you can always UNSUBSCRIBE button at the bottom of the e-mail.


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