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Another great Kindle Read: Just Add Water

Just Add Water by Jinx Schwartz Kindle only $2.99

Hang onto your funny bone, because this book is guaranteed to be a laugh a minute.

Hetta and her friend Jan are two California professionals living the “good life”; working during the week, and on the weekends “trolling for triceps” in San Francisco’s better watering holes.


Except Hetta is beginning to feel the pinch of aloneness and complains, “…since I seemed to operate on an ecologically correct catch-and-release system, one might wonder why I even bother baiting up.”


Then again, it might be her pick up line is getting a mite rusty: “Hi there, sailor, new in town? Wanna buy me a drink?”


What they need, or to be correct, what Hetta needs, is a better way to find a man. And, notes Hetta, since all those cute little sailboats scurrying along the bay seem to be occupied by hunky men, Hetta decides they need a boat. Buy it and they will come. However, first they have to learn how to sail. And then to learn how to operate said boat. The quest for the right boat, and the right man, can only be described as hilarious!


Boats sink, cars go in the drink, and just when Hetta thinks she may have found the man of her dreams, an old boyfriend shows up in a most unlikely and inconvenient place…well, a dead old boyfriend does tend to sink the ship before it ever sails.

Dip your toe into Hetta’s adventures and come away smiling. I sure did.

Highly recommended!

RP Dahlke

Author of A Dangerous Harbor:


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