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Shaken, Stories for Japan Earthquake Relief

[subscribe2]Twenty-one authors accepted the challenge set down by Tim
Hallinan: write a short story that would be one part book, one part gift of time—which
by the way, is no mean gift. These are professional authors with deadlines of
their own to meet, the Japanese culture not necessarily part of their
repertoire. And yet,  Cara Black, Dale
Furutani, Brett Battles, Dianne Emley, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Rosemary Harris,
Debbi Mack, Jeffrey Siger, Adrian McKinty, Naomi Hirahara, Vicki Doudera, Tim
Hallinan, Ken Kuhlken, Kelli Stanley, Wendy Hornsby, Stefan Hammond, Gary
Phillips, Jeri Westerson, CJ. West and IJ Parker all said yes. I couldn’t do
it, not in the time allotted these authors as they jumped into a completely
unique and foreign culture, making a deadline that would choke most of us
writers. But, they did it, allowing the book to have its most immediate impact
for the 2011 Japan Relief Fund .

The stories range from 11th century Japan to post
WWII in America to present day Japan. But, each story, whether it’s a simple
noodle girl who balks at tradition in order to decide her own fate, to a gang
of cutthroat Yakuzi  murdering each other
so that one can be credited for the much needed supplies after this last
earthquake, will capture, leaving you with memories of places you may never
visit, but will always remember.

I was delighted by the simplicity of the plots laid out in patterns
that effortlessly walked across the pages of my Kindle. This is a full length
book of wonderful stories, and yes, I have my favorites, adding some new names
to search out when it comes time to pick up a new book, but I’m sure you will
find your own. Buy it. You won’t be sorry.

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